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Working with butterflies is extremely rewarding in many ways, and watching nature take its course in a natural setting like our garden is a beautiful experience that visitors from around the world enjoy when they visit us. Probably the most rewarding experience comes from being  directly involved with the breeding process. At our garden we give nature a helping hand in propagating our species through all phases of the life cycle until the adults are ready to be released into the garden for all to enjoy. All of our staff are professionally trained to ensure proper stewardship of these winged beauties from egg to adult and they take great pride in their work. Our direct participation in this process also helps to greatly mitigate the threat that  ants can play in the natural process that occurs in our garden  Our staff collects freshly laid eggs on a daily basis which are then transported to our caged incubation boxes.


When they hatch as caterpillars they are then placed in protective enclosures with the food plants they need to feed on prior to forming their cocoon/chrysalis leading to the final step of their life cycle emerging as a beautiful adult butterfly...nature and creation at its best. In addition to providing  information on the butterfly world from the moment visitors enter our facility, we also have a visitor viewing area where you can watch our staff manage the various stages of the life cycle. We also offer something special that no other butterfly exhibit, garden or sanctuary anywhere will offer you. If the timing of your visit to our garden is right, you might get a chance to help us do a release of new adult butterflies into the garden :)