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Most butterflies can utilize a wide variety of flowering plants as nectaréfood sources,  including those of many cultivated varieties. We emply both along with a mixture of water and wild honey and ripe fruit. A more critical component in the process of successful butterfly breeding is the requirement of maintaining an abundant supply of the plants that provide food for the larval (caterpillar) stage of the life cycle. In addition to being voracious eaters, most species of larvae/caterpillars will accept only one ("species specific") type of food plant  or a few species of plants at best at this critical stage of life prior to entering the pupa stage. Therefore a significant component of our breeding program involves the ongoing propagation of these plant species in our nursery.
We  propagate 11 food plants that support our 22 species of butterflies. Click on plant for plant name. 
Food Plant Propagation