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A visit to a butterfly garden on its own creates the possibility for a wonderful life-long memory, and we hope that all who live here and all who visit the island will have that opportunity.  Our garden will have an even more profound and long-lasting effect and that involves its use as an educational tool. On one end of the spectrum,  a cursory look at the butterfly life cycle represents one of nature's many wonders and a metaphor for life itself. On the other, it provides a tangential opportunity for expanded study in creative and language arts, math and science. We will be working closely with administrators of the various Bantayan school districts to assist in building and implementing additional curriculum involving the study of butterflies by providing complimentary student-teacher field trips to our garden. The garden visits   along with on-site seminars can then be expanded upon back in the classroom, where we hope a permanent course will be established as part of the educational system.
The Learning Experience