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We are very pleased to announce the existence and complete success of our community-based Santa Fe Butterfly Breeders Association. Approximately 4 months ago interested members of the Santa Fe community gathered at the Garden for an informational seminar on the economics of breeding butterflies. In addition to our own on-site breeding program, since that seminar we now have 13 members who have been thoroughly trained as breeders and have become an integral part of the Garden's ongoing success. The breeders visit us weekly to pick up freshly laid butterfly eggs from our Garden and return to their own gardens where they raise the eggs through the caterpillar to pupa stage of the butterfly life cycle. Then they return with the pupa and the Garden purchases the pupa from them. It is an honor for us to have this ongoing level of community involvement in our business and also for us to be able to compliment the incomes of those that participate in the association. Pictured upper left is the Garden’s Jo Stewart inspecting a new batch of adult pupa delivered by association member Domingga Lustrisimo. We all thank you all!.