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At any one time, a female butterfly will lay between 80 and 300 eggs dependent on the species, and on occasion many more. Surprisingly, it is also a general rule that on an average, no  more  than two of those eggs will survive  to maturity in the wild.   Under open natural conditions the eggs, caterpillars, pupae and adult butterflies are defenseless against various pests,  diseases and predators, something that a protected environment all but eliminates. For successful  butterfly  breeding and exhibiting, all  of  these negative factors must be mitigated and/or eliminated to ensure that the highest degree of propagation  of the butterflies is realized. Our butterfly garden is designed as a completely closed space with the use of fine nylon netting. This prevents the ingress of predators and promotes the laying of eggs by adult butterflies within the garden itself.  What the netting does not prevent is ants, and their presence must be constantly monitored and  mitigated regularly.