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 In 2013, one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded named "Yolanda", made a direct hit on the 43 square mile diamond located in the Visayan sea, also known as Bantayan Island.  Yolanda's winds reached a staggering 315 kph causing the loss of human and animal life and destroyed many of the islands structures and much of its infrastructure. Four years later the island is thriving again thanks for the most part to the amazing resiliency of the Filipino people and a little assistance from the international community.


We are a group of Filipino and Canadian individuals that are dedicated to supporting, sustaining, conserving and protecting the delicate ecosystems of Bantayan Island in concert with developing projects that will promote ecotourism and provide education regarding the benefits of protecting and sustaining indigenous species and the environment in general. The Santa Fe  Butterfly Garden not only expands awareness of these critically important issues in all who visit the garden, it also promotes Philippine culture and improves the lives of  Filipinos and non-Filipinos who call this beautiful island home. We are honored to take on the responsibility of breeding, stewardship and showcasing up to 22 butterfly species to all who live here and to the thousands of Filipino and international tourists that visit the island throughout the year.

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